Will Yamaha ever make cruisers again?

Yamaha is one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world. They’re known for their race-bred motorcycles and have a strong following among cruisers. But in recent years, Yamaha has been shifting its focus away from cruisers and towards other segments. This has led many to wonder if Yamaha will ever make cruisers again. In this blog post, we will explore Yamaha’s history with cruisers and try to answer the question of whether or not they will ever make them again.

What is a cruiser?

A cruiser is a motorcycle that typically has a laid-back riding position, with the rider’s feet positioned forward and the hands up, close to the handlebars. Cruisers usually have a large, comfortable seat and wide handlebars. They are built for long, slow rides and are not typically designed for high speeds or quick acceleration.

The history of Yamaha cruisers

Yamaha has been producing cruisers since the early 1970s. The company’s first cruiser, the Yamaha XS650, was released in 1970 and was based on the Honda CB450. Yamaha’s second cruiser, the Yamaha Virago, was released in 1981 and was one of the first V-twin cruisers on the market. Yamaha has continued to produce cruisers throughout the years, including the Yamaha V-Star, Yamaha Star Bolt, and Yamaha Star Raider.

Yamaha’s cruiser lineup began to shrink in the early 2010s as the company discontinued several models, including the V-Star 1300 and Star Bolt. In 2016, rumors began to circulate that Yamaha was planning to discontinue all of its cruiser models. However, those rumors proved to be false and Yamaha continues to produce a small selection of cruisers today.

Why Yamaha stopped making cruisers

Yamaha’s cruiser lineup was once one of the most comprehensive in the industry, but the company has since pulled back from the segment. The last new cruiser model Yamaha introduced was the Star Bolt in 2014, and since then, the company has been focused on other genres like sportbikes and adventure bikes.

So why did Yamaha stop making cruisers? It’s tough to say for sure, but a combination of factors likely played a role. First, cruisers are a relatively niche market compared to other genres like sportbikes and dual-sport bikes. Second, Yamaha may have been feeling pressure from Japanese rival Honda, which has long been the dominant player in the cruiser space.

Third, Yamaha may have simply decided to focus its resources on other genres that it feels have more growth potential. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that Yamaha is no longer invested in the cruiser market. That’s a shame for fans of the company’s cruisers, but it doesn’t seem like Yamaha has any plans to change course anytime soon.

The current market for cruisers

Yamaha has been out of the cruiser market for a while now, but there are still many cruiser enthusiasts out there hoping that the company will make a comeback. The current market for cruisers is filled with bikes from companies like Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Yamaha does still make some motorcycles that could be classified as cruisers, such as the Star Eluder, but these are more touring bikes than anything else.

If Yamaha were to make a return to the cruiser market, they would have to compete against some very established brands. Honda has been making cruisers for decades now and their bikes are very well-regarded. Kawasaki and Suzuki also have strong offerings in this space. Yamaha would need to bring something unique to the table in order to succeed.

One potential avenue for Yamaha is to focus on electric cruisers. This is an area that is still relatively new and where Yamaha has some expertise thanks to their work in the electric scooter space. If they can build an electric cruiser that offers good range and performance, they could carve out a niche for themselves.

Another option for Yamaha is to go after the budget end of the market. There are many riders who want a cruiser but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. If Yamaha can offer a quality bike at a reasonable price, they could find success here as well.

Whatever route Yamaha decides to take, it’s clear that they face an uphill battle if they want

Yamaha’s current lineup

Yamaha’s current lineup of motorcycles is focused on sport bikes, dirt bikes, and scooters. The company does not currently offer any cruisers. Yamaha has been making motorcycles since 1955 and cruiser models were a mainstay of the company’s lineup for many years. However, in recent years, Yamaha has shifted its focus to other types of motorcycles.

Yamaha offers a wide range of sport bikes, from entry-level models to race-oriented machines. The company’s dirt bike lineup includes both two-stroke and four-stroke models. Yamaha also offers a variety of scooters, including both electric and gas-powered models.

While Yamaha does not currently offer any cruisers, the company has not ruled out the possibility of reintroducing them in the future. Cruiser motorcycles remain popular with many riders and Yamaha would likely see strong demand for such models if they were to bring them back.


Yamaha has not made any announcements about plans to produce cruisers in the near future. However, given the popularity of cruiser motorcycles, it’s possible that Yamaha may eventually decide to produce them again. In the meantime, riders who are interested in Yamaha cruisers can find a used model from a previous year or look at other manufacturers’ offerings.

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