How To Fight Dry Skin Problems

What is dry skin? Dry skin is one of the common ailments that is experienced by people most likely living in cold areas or having winter season in their countries. “Xerosis” is the medical term for dry skin. Dry skin is normally experienced when the skin lacks moisture or there is not enough moisture available in the body of the person whereas his or her oil glands cannot produce enough oil substance that is required by the human body. It usually happens not only during winter or cold seasons but also if there is heating in the house, every time you use rough towel in drying your skin or bathing with too cold or too hot water.

The elements of dry skin usually remove the skin’s oily layers that cause the skin in loosing more moisture than gaining. This is one reason why some lotions that contain oil-based moisturizers or creams do not work better to dry skin as compared to the ones that are water-based.

If you have a dry skin, you are normally very sensitive to any kind of exposure to the skin as your skin will have sebum of low levels. Once your skin becomes dry, there would be inability for your skin to retain moisture, looks parched or very dry and dull, and highly very uncomfortable until the time it becomes moisturized enough. Also, from the sensitivity of your dry skin, your skin will tend to crack; chap and flake at some areas as it extremely get dried. Dry skin is tightly drawn over your bones and being indicated by some tiny expression lines around the sensitive areas of your face like your eyes and your mouth.

Improper diet is also one of the factors that cause the ailment of dry skin. To prevent this dry skin ailment, you need to intake plenty of vitamins B and A as these vitamins can help the skin in producing natural oils that will prevent drying of your skin. Another prevention you can do is to avoid excessively usages of cosmetics as they tend to bleach the natural oils of your skin. However, the ailment of dry skin can also be inherited in your blood. In this case, the only that you can do is to take the proper cared needed by your skin type. It is best to keep your skin moisturized all the time and ensuring that it will not worsen due to any external and natural conditions caused by the environment.

On the medical side of science, dry skin usually occurs when the human’s thyroid is not active the way it supposed to be. Some of the severe cases of dry skin ailments may include the eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Furthermore, excessive smoking is also one of the major reasons of dry skin ailment that may even lead to skin dehydration.

Dry skin cream

When we look for a skin moisturizer we always tend to look for a dry skin cream. But what kind of dry skin cream you can use for your skin moisturizer? Well in choosing for dry skin cream it depends on the type of your skin as you cannot just use an ordinary dry skin cream as you might get infections on your dry skin ailment.

A dry skin cream is a complex mixture of chemical ingredients that are specially designed to make the skin’s epidermis to be more pliable and softer. It basically water contents that contribute in the moisturizing of the dry skin once applied. A dry skin cream will rapidly absorb into the skin while bonding with the outer layers of the skin as well. It also helps in creating protective layers of the skin while retaining the natural moisture from within. A dry skin cream has an optimized skin hydration effects that provide the skin a much smoother texture and radiant appearance.  Nufinity skin cream is one such product that can moisturize and tighten the skin for a younger appearance.  There are many other products on the market that can produce similar results.

However aside from the restoration of the normal levels of hydration on your dry skin, a dry skin cream can also have various unintended and intended effects on its users. Some of these various effects may include building a barrier against the loss of water through the epidermis, repairing and postponing the aging effects on the skin, repairing scaly, and damaged dry skin that may result from external environmental aggression or any internal changes within the body.

A dry skin cream may also act on the most external layers of the skin called the corneal stratum that is formed by squamous cells but then replaced by the growth of new cells coming from the deeper layers of the skin. It may also cause an amount of adverse effects that include allergic reactions, skin irritations and other skin problems. However, when dry skin is used near sensitive spots such as lips, genitals and eyes, adverse effects may also increased. This case usually happens to people who have very sensitive skin.

A dry skin cream is very effective as it penetrates deeply into the skin while reactivating its own processes, which triggers the collagen production of the skin as well as the natural skin moisturizers. Because of the renewal activators of the skin as benefit in using dry skin cream, the rate of skin cell production as well as emission is also increased.

Once you applied a dry skin cream onto your skin, there are several advantages you can gain from it that include decrease in wrinkles depth, increase of collagen from within, improvement of the water holding capacity, reduction of age spots and dark pigmentation, relief of topic dermatitis and restoration of the natural color of the skin that is affected by hyper-pigmentation.